Workout accessories that incorporate technology are more than just a fad. The use of technology to optimize workouts is changing the way fitness enthusiasts across the world work out. Whether they prefer to stay in the gym, where it is nice and cool, or get out and enjoy the summer sunshine, there is a technological innovation waiting to help make working out better than ever.

For Warming Up or Cooling Down at the Gym

The Vyper HyperIce is a fitness roller that does so much more than the old-fashioned foam kind. This battery-powered roller incorporates pressure and vibration to get the blood flowing before a workout and soothe sore muscles after a challenging trip to the gym. Using a roller that incorporates high frequency vibration over time can actually help to lengthen muscles and increase flexibility.

For Outdoor Workouts

The June by Netatmo is a smart wristband that helps outdoor athletes prevent painful and dangerous sunburns. It’s very easy to zone in on a workout and forget all about reapplying sunscreen as often as recommended. The June wristband solves this problem in a simple way, by measuring UV exposure as the day goes on, and reminding users to put on more sunscreen or a hat via notifications sent to their phones. The recommendations are tailored to individual skin type as well as the amount of UVA and UVB rays the wristband senses as the day goes on.

For Running Workouts

The classic runner’s dilemma is still a problem in 2015: How can I have everything I need to run without weighing myself down? Sensilk Take Flight Sports Bras and T-Shirts solve part of this issue with wearable technology built directly into the garments, so there is no need to wear anything extra. The sensors inside the garments measure heart rate, calories burned and respiration.

For Overall Wellness

The Misfit Shine may look like a Fitbit at first glance, but it offers the ability to step away from wearing a wristband. Professionals may find that the Shine works better for them, because they aren’t obligated to wear a wristband at any time. Simply slip the sensor into a pocket, a specialized pair of socks or a shirt, or into a customized necklace. The sensor monitors activity, sleep and food intake to offer users a complete picture of their health.

These high-tech accessories can help anyone to tailor and optimize workouts, get the desired results, and improve overall health.

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