Everyone knows wearable computing is H-O-T. In the coming years, experts predict that wearable devices will be the next big thing and with products such as the Google Glass and Smart Watches currently under development, consumers won’t have long to wait before this new age of technology really kicks in. However it’s not just the general public who will benefit from these innovations, other areas of society will also be able to utilize them such as law enforcement offices, who will find their jobs made a whole lot easier, and safer. Soon the long arm of the law will extend that much further…

A wearable device is defined as a computer that is small and light, so much so that wearing it will cause no discomfort. It will be constantly in use and able to work in real time in context to its particular application. In time, mobile security devices will allow the police to integrate all the normal applications of computerized law enforcement and use them on the move, which will save time, money and in some cases, will save lives.

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